Common Questions

What is the difference between yellow lenses and red ones?

Yellow lenses only block a certain percentage of blue light while red ones block up to 100%. In testing, lenses are tested with various wavelengths and a value of transmittance in % terms is recorded. An overall score of % transmittance as per the test data is given to a lens.

When should I wear blue light blocking glasses?

Both types of lenses are for indoor use only and when in the presence of artificial light either from screens or overhead lighting. Please do not use these outdoors in sunlight, as you will affect the natural light frequencies which we need to connect to.


Daytime ClearBlok and DayBlok Lenses - Both Rama clear and yellow lenses are for indoor use during the day, especially at work, under artificial lighting while using the computer or other devices. Do you sit in meeting rooms or work under fluorescent light using computers? Wear our ClearBlok or DayBlok lenses to lower the amount of unnatural blue light entering your eyes.


Nighttime SleepWell Range - Rama red lens glasses are for indoor nighttime use. After the sun has gone down, full protection from artificial blue light is absolutely necessary. To use computers or other screens at night, you must protect your eyes from the strong blue light with SleepWell lenses that block out all the blue wavelengths. Protect your melatonin at all costs. 

Can I wear them at night for driving?

Driving at night exposes us to another level of bright lights from oncoming vehicles and LED street lighting. In these lights there is a high level of blue light. The yellow DayBlok glasses help in this regard and are useful in lowering the glare and dazzle from bright lights. While the darker lenses would also lower the light levels, we do not recommend using our SleepWell glasses for driving. They are called SleepWell for a reason. At night once you block stimulating blue light and your body gets ready for sleep, you can become drowsy.

How much does shipping cost within New Zealand?

Shipping costs for customers within New Zealand is free.


Do you ship internationally?

No, we do not ship internationally at this stage but hope to in the future.


How do I return glasses if they aren’t right for me?

You can return your glasses for a refund or exchange. Please read our returns policy.


Do you offer prescription glasses?

At this stage we do not offer this service. We are however looking at how we can provide this service in the future. In the meantime we offer the fit over glasses and clip on lens.

How do I know if these glasses will work?

At Rama we only want to sell products that are fit for purpose, so all our glasses and lens options are personally tested in house. Prior to an item being added to our store, we go through a process of sampling the product and testing to ensure that all claims regarding blue light blocking can be supported.