Origin of the word Rama

Rama is a Maori word. It is interesting that Ra means sun in Maori, as it does in many other languages. The sun god of Heliopolis in ancient Egypt was also known as Ra. Rama or Ramachandra, is a major deity of Hinduism and is often referred to as the supreme being. In Maori the word extended into Rama, meaning light and is used as a description for all types of light, from the sun, torchlight, candle light or other artificial light. It seems appropriate to use Rama as our company name as we are based in New Zealand and actually live in a town called Raumati which means 'summer'. Other variations of the word Rama have connotations to subjects of light as well. In the south of Auckland there is a small district called Ramarama which means to gleam. Whare rama is a lighthouse and rama tuna means to catch eels by torchlight.

We have also tried to name our glasses with Maori words that have a connection to light. Our Awatea glasses come from the word meaning daylight, diurnal or the middle of the day. Papanui means to cover or block as in blocking blue light. Makura is light red. Matariki is leading light, and Arawhata means bridge which is actually the maiden name of the mother of the founder of Rama.


Here in New Zealand, prior to the 1860's the Maori language was the only spoken language and after English speaking settlers arrived, English became more prominent. The Maori word for New Zealand is Aotearoa which is translated as Land of the long white cloud.

We are a proud New Zealand company and value the connection to the land and its original inhabitants and their language.

What is Rama?

Here at Rama we are dedicated to providing top quality blue light blocking glasses to protect you from the increasing blue light emissions that we are faced with in our society. To help you make the right choices by helping you understand both the problem and how to make best use of the solution.


Rama Blue Light Glasses as a business was borne from the EMF survey company EarthWaves (www.earthwaves.co.nz) which provides services in the detection and remediation of electro pollution. Blue light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum and is therefore a part of the very same issue to man made radiation. This particular issue being exposure to artificial blue light at the wrong colour temperature at the wrong time of day. 

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